Best Dragon Guitar Straps For Sale

Best Dragon Guitar Straps For Sale

Today, I would like to recommend two best dragon guitar straps. It's cool and vintage. The straps use the real leather ends and the bottom material has been chosen polyester suede that has fluffy hand-feel and classy.

In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of power and strength, representing the royal majesty, but also the pride of the Chinese people. In ancient China, dragon patterns were used only by the royal family. This culture also exists in East Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, etc.

1. Dragon Guitar Strap

This Chinese dragon guitar strap has a dragon and pine tree, it use hot stamping process. this kind of dragon pattern is more popular in early China, it's retro. 

vintage dragon guitar strap


2. Fairy Dragon Guitar Strap

Black and white dragon pattern, gold stamping ball and cloud, match with Chinese dragon characters, it's simple and cool. 

Fairy Dragon Guitar Strap
Fairy Dragon Guitar Strap-1

3.  lightning bolt dragon guitar strap 

Personalized lightning bolt dragon guitar strap, with lightning bolt, cloud, dragon designs, it's very cool and full of dignity.
lightning bolt dragon guitar strap


These dragon guitar straps fit for acoustic guitar, electric, or bass guitar.