Our Story

Never forget why you started

We started 4uke ukulele store since 2013, Our store features many brands of middle and high-end ukuleles, it bothered me for a long time that I couldnot find any ukulele straps in a good quality, they are always too thin,or too stiff and not good looking.

Until last year I finally decided to make my own ukulele straps, we looked into many fabric markets, from design to fabrics, buckles,leather,fastener,tape,we took so many tests,then it finally came out to all my satisfaction, it's soft and pretty, the proper thickness with slight stretch is just right to reduce pressure while you playing, I love it!

Now we have added two new product lines: guitar straps and camera straps, It has the same quality as the ukulele strap. 

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

Unique, Quality, Comfortable, AFFORDABLE

Most of our straps are made of expensive imported fabrics. Each pattern is exquisite and the number is limited. we choose deffrent back materials for ukulele straps, guitar straps, and camera straps. 

For ukulele straps, we choose a special fabric, which has fluffy hand-feel and slight stretch, it's also very soft and smooth.

For guitar straps and camera straps, we choose a suede-like fabric, it has a handfeel like velvet and provides a proper thickness, strong but won't be too paded.

Our ukulele straps, guitar straps, camera straps are usually have three layers, Top/Middle/Bottom. We mix different fabrics to make it. The result is more difficult and time-consuming. But I thought all these are worthy, we can provide straps with more personalized and cool pattern, softer and more comfortable. That's what I wanted to do.

Our straps price usually between 30-45 us dollars, it's an affordable price for everyone.

About Custom Strap

we offer customized services with leather ends of a guitar strap, you can add a name tag in the one of the strap leather ends. you can get a personalization strap for yourself or a gift to friends.

We hope our straps will bring you a better performance experience, aloha! 


New Projects start from 2020

In 2019, with the outbreak of the COVID-19, we added more gift products in 2020. We hope that WishSign can grow into an online shopping site focus on making unique cool unusual handmade personalized gifts & custom gifts for your loved ones, not just an online shop serving guitarists. We have developed many innovative products, such as our ring box with inlay, music box, etc.

Big update in 2023 with wishsign.com

In 2023 we decided to change the domain name from 4uke.com to wishsign.com, Because 4uke is no longer fully suitable for our future development direction. we added more customized products for gift.

why use "wishsign", we hope our products as a sign that delivered the best wishes to you and your loved ones.