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The melodious sound of the music box often evokes people's memories of the beautiful past, and even haunts them, falling into the memory of time and years. Custom song music boxes allow you to express your love with a meaningful song, This is definitely the best choice.

Rotating Music Box

Carousel or Ballerina music box

Rotating Music Box

Wind Up Music Box

Custom Song Music Boxes, Handmade With Love The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion Replay your loved one's favorite memories

Custom Music Box

Custom Tune & Personalize Engraving

Custom Music Box

Frequently asked questions about custom song music box

I would like to know if my song can be made to be a music box?

To check your song, our musicians need to plot all melodies to a program and let it calculate whether this song can be made or not. So, we need to recieve your order first, then your song will be sent to our musician to check.

If your song does not work, we will let you change the song, or you can request to cancel your order

I want custom song for 18 note mechanism?

We currently only support custom songs for 30 notes mechanism , not 18 notes.

When can i expect to receive my music box?

For a custom song music box, demo process takes 15-20 days, if you hurry, we can expedite the process 3-5 days ( take $30), manufacturing process takes 4-9 days, and the delivery time is depended on destination country.

Can I hear the demo before placing the order?

No, you need to place the order first then our musician can start making the demo.

Can the interval longer than 30 seconds?

No, this is the longest time the 30-notes music box can play per a loop.

How long can the music box play?

A music box plays continuously until it runs out of wind-up energy. Each winding can play for approximately 2-3 minutes or 7-8 loops.

If I don’t feel satisfied with the demo, what can I do?

You can let us revise the demo until you are satisfied. Or you can change the song or the interval of the song (Add $60). Or if you decide to cancel the order, we can give you a partial refund (All of your payment deduct $60)

Will I be charged with customs and taxes?

The prices displayed on our site are tax-free in US Dollars, which means you may be liable to pay for duties and taxes once you receive your order. However, it rarely happens. There are very few customers are charged for this cost.

Is it need a battery power?

No, the music box run by wind-up energy.