ukulele strap type

Do you need a strap for a ukulele?

Do you need a strap for a ukulele?

We need ukulele straps, and with it, we can focus on playing ukulele, especially when we're standing up. We all know it's harder to play ukulele standing up than sitting down. Since standing requires at least one hand to stabilize the ukulele and prevent it from falling, we have only one hand to move freely, especially when switching chords or moving widely. While sitting, we can support the ukulele with our legs and our hands are free. So when we're standing, we need ukuleles to allow our hands to move freely.

Ukulele Strap Types

Ukulele straps are simply divided into two types according to the way they are fixed on: ukulele hook strap and ukulele shoulder strap

4uke ukulele shoulder strap and hook ukulele strap

Clip on ukulele strap was developed on the basis of ukulele hook strap, but I think it is another kind ukulele hook strap. because they all fixed on the sound hole. 

clip on ukulele strap

clip on ukulele strap


Two ways to use

There are two ways to use ukulele shoulder strap. The principle is to find two attachment points on the ukulele.

1. Two strap buttons, a strap button on the base of the neck and another one on the end of the ukulele. 

James hill

James Hill like to use two strap buttons way

2. one strap button, a strap button on the end of the ukulele, another attachment point we can use the rope or detachable fastener connect to the head of ukulele.

Daniel ho use ukulele shoulder strap on his romero ukulele

Daniel Ho like to use one strap button way


Ukulele hook strap or ukulele shoulder strap, which one is better?

We think ukulele shoulder strap is better than ukulele hook strap

ukulele shoulder strap vs hook ukulele strap

1. Ukulele shoulder strap is more stable than ukulele hook strap. It can release hands without falling off. Ukulele hook strap had to hold ukulele with at least one hand.

2. Ukulele shoulder strap is fixed on the head and end of ukulele, which does not affect the vibration of the top wood. Ukulele hook strap is fixed on the sound hole, it will affect the vibration of the top wood. 

How wide is the ukulele straps comfortable?

Ukulele so far, we need a special ukulele strap. Instead of using a guitar strap or just diy with a string, yes, they all work, but in terms of our experience, it's not a good fit for ukuleles. Guitar straps are generally wide and too long, it's out of proportion for ukuleles. And thin rope straps are neither comfortable nor stable enough to use. We think the best ukulele straps should be between 3 to 4cm in width, around 1.5 "

magic cat ukulele strap

1.5'' ukulele strap